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From desperation to CBD


Breaking Dad…

So here I am, ever more shocked and stunned that a few drops of this strange and (in my world) broadly unexplored substance had helped me to gain control of my anxious thoughts and regulate my erratic sleeping pattern for the first time in many years.

Where once my head was fuzzy with commotion and fatigue, it was now buzzing with the thrill of my newfound clarity, calm and focus. So I decided to climb Everest…

After a quick google of my “miracle” I concluded that sadly, CBD wasn’t a magic potion to cure my lack of physical fitness, so I decided on the next most difficult thing I could think of: persuading my father to put cannabis oil in his mouth.

I’d be doing this story a disservice if I didn’t attempt to give you a mental sketch of my dad. Dad is the embodiment of power and perseverance. Despite never reaching a height of more than 5”9, his presence towers miles over the burliest of tradesmen and rugby players he’s often seen rubbing shoulder to elbow with. Driven, demanding and headstrong to the point of obstinateness, I can count on a closed fist the amount of times he has accepted and run with an idea that wasn’t all his own. For all these reasons and far too many more to list, I love and admire my dad above pretty much anyone on the planet. He’s never missed a day of work in his 58 years, and yet for the past 18 months, quite unbelievably, he has been keeping up his 7 day a week schedule whilst suffering with sciatic pain.

I knew his routine codeine and ibuprofen rotation wasn’t working and as I sat on the end of his newly purchased £1000 mattress (that was his next attempt at helping the pain) I knew the time was right to talk to him about CBD.

As his eyebrows contorted when I not only announced that I’d been using cannabis oil but also that I’d bought him some, I wasn’t sure of his next move. To my surprise, rather than being rapidly shut down, some valid questions came my way instead.

“Is it legal?”

“Will I get high?”

“Will I get addicted?”

While I didn’t profess to be an expert, I had prepared myself for these and my answers were suffice enough that he agreed to let me leave the little bottle with him. Result!

I’m so pleased to say that from that day to this, dad has managed to avoid traditional pain medication and is still happily using his CBD daily.

It was this short chain of events that led our family to embark on the Lavella journey. The past 10 months have been a time of intense learning, researching, trialling and developing so that we can share the relief that we have thankfully gained from utilising this natural and little known product. Our motto is simple: Believe. Relieve. Thankfully, this leap of faith is exactly what we decided to do and our lives have been changed for the better forever because of it.

To hear more about how Lavella CBD might be able to help you, please reach out to us for personalised consultation:

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